A little about my


I love pixels.
I <love> code.
I hate Comic Sans.

Welcome to my little slice of the Web.

Hi, I'm Jordan. I have an undying passion for technology and design and the place where they fuse best: the Internet. I'm a full-time Web designer/developer currently living, working and creating in the Washington, DC area.

I approach my work with an attention to detail, focusing on cleanliness, ease of use, and overall awesomeness for the user. I get philosophical on UX/UI, and I'm constantly striving to make things better (especially my skills). I'm flattered you had enough interest in me to check out this site, so please, get exploring.


Don't Even Joke
Like, Oprah Good
Signs of Greatness
Fair 'Nuff
I Get By
PHP 60
Video 70
Flash 75
Movie Trivia 100


I can't do it alone.

I develop and test on every platform I can get my hands on. Every website gets a thorough examination on Mac OS and Windows, on screens big and small, and in browsers new and old. My sanity owes a lot to Firebug.

I'm fully fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite, and as of late I use BBEdit to handle all things code. Basically, me + the stuff on the right = the stuff on this site.

Don't be a stranger. Drop me a line.